Residential Cleaning Checklist Template

Free Printable Residential Cleaning Checklist Template

Maximize Your Weekend Cleaning by Using a Residential Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task especially if you are always busy every day with work tasks, taking care of your children, etc. Before you start cleaning your home on the weekend though, you should think about how much time you have to clean it, create a cleaning checklist, assign a different task for everyone in the household, and many more. By doing a checklist or assigning different tasks to your spouse and your kids, the chores can be done faster and easier. You will also need to consider preparing and planning all the tools needed to help you clean your home.

Some of the tasks that you should include in your checklist might include dusting the decorations and accessories that you have inside your house along with your furniture, sweeping and mopping the floor, keeping some of the things that you do not use anymore and put it in your garage or storage room, vacuum different rooms (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen), etc. You can even break down different tasks for each room if necessary. Along with the rooms that you have to clean, you should also wipe doors and windows in those rooms.

Samples of Residential Cleaning Checklist :

Residential Cleaning Checklist Template Example

Residential Cleaning Checklist Template Example

If you are going to include cleaning windows in your cleaning checklist, there are some subtasks that you can put in too. Make sure you use an anti-scratch window cleaner and wipe the window with newspapers instead of cloth. You should also prepare a long window wiper tool to reach high windows and a long stick duster to reach areas like above your high cabinets. Even after you created this kind of checklist, someone one day (either Saturday or Sunday) alone is not enough since you have a big house. You can even schedule the checklist for everyday use, from Monday to Friday included.

Since cleaning the house is something that you have to do as the homeowner, if you have extra budget, you could always hire a cleaning service to do the job for you. However, if you do not have the extra budget in hand, you could always get everyone in the house to help you with these chores. Using a template for when you are going to clean your own home can be highly beneficial especially if you use the residential cleaning checklist. By using a template that is already available, all you have to do is to adjust and edit it to suit your needs and preferences for when you are going to clean your home. At the bottom of this page, you can download a template for free by clicking on the link provided.

Residential Cleaning Checklist Template | Word – download

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