Onboarding Checklist Template Excel

Onboarding Checklist Template Excel

The Essential of New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding checklist or new hire onboarding checklist is essential for your company. It can help your mangers and HR to guarantee that they are handling all the necessary things to prepare for boarding a new employee as well as to guide them through all of the process and obstacle of becoming part of great team.

This kind of onboarding checklist is really essential for you whether you are hiring your very first employee or even your thousandth employee. It will show you how your new employee adapting to your company and how they will contribute to your company.

Samples of Onboarding Checklist :

Onboarding Checklist Template Excel Sample Onboarding Checklist Template Excel Example Example of Onboarding Checklist Template Excel Sample of Onboarding Checklist Template Excel

Onboarding Checklists for Employers for the First Year:

First day:

  • Create a general job orientation complete with tour as well as introductions
  • Review the first week’s work hours and schedule as well
  • Review professional mannerism as well as code of behavior
  • Review safety and security policies
  • Give your employ handbook and answer their questions thoroughly
  • Review position information
  • Help them to familiarize with computers or any other equipment that they will use

First week:

  • Give your new employee introductory assignments
  • Interact each day with them to make sure that they are settling in nicely
  • Review their performance evaluation and then set some goals for them
  • Review their probationary time
  • Make sure that equipment they use is working properly and answer their related questions
  • Make sure that they have met with important colleagues
  • Invite them to connect and interact with the company social media accounts

After Three Months:

  • Schedule an informal achievement review for your employee
  • Review both of their past and future projects and assignments
  • Set achievement goals for them
  • Give them feedbacks and ask for the same
  • Inspect their training progress
  • Talk about their end of probationary time

After Six Months:

  • Perform six-month achievement review
  • Review their progress as well as goals for the last six months
  • For another six months, set some goals as well as objectives
  • Make sure that all of your employees have received their necessary as well as required training

After One Year:

  • Perform a yearly achievement review
  • Acknowledge their first year with your company
  • Talk about goals, objectives, projects and plans for the next year
  • Give and ask for feedbacks

Talk about rise policies as well as compensation with your employees.

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