Formal Letter of Recommendation Template

Formal Letter of Recommendation and How to Write One

A formal letter of recommendation assesses the strength characteristics of the writer in the first place. The writer has that kind of characteristics that make him or her eligible to write such a reference. A formal reference letter is commonly used for scholarships and employment.

If you agree to write a reference for a person, you better have known the person professionally. Before writing down your thoughts, be sure to make a layout in the first place. Also, ask the person to provide enough information for the letter.

Generally, a reference letter will put the address first before flooring the opening. The opening is where you put a positive image to the receiver. However, you shouldn’t overpraise the person too. Keep it short and enthusiastic to make the first impression.

The letter should also introduce your relationship with the recommended person. Feel free to show your qualifications in this section. After that, you can write the qualifications and achievements of the person being recommended; be as detailed as possible.

Sample of Formal Letter of Recommendation :


When writing the closing part, be sure to leave your contact in case the reviewer needs to follow up for more information. And this is how you write a formal letter of recommendation.

Formal Letter of Recommendation Template | word download

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